From the Pastor

Now that was holy! What a meaningful, delight-filled Holy Week. It was a pleasure to travel with you all through the wilderness of Lent into the sacred Triduum – the three day Passion of Christ.

*Maundy Thursday Sacred Meal


On Maundy Thursday, we gathered around beautiful tables of grace. We shared bread and scripture, wine and laughter. It was truly a delight to remember our sacred story, the story of our salvation, told by all the people gathered around the table. Thank you to all who were present, all who prepared food, and helped to bring this Sacred Meal to life




*Good Friday

Good Friday took a solemn turn. We gathered around the barren altar to pray, sing, read and linger in the hollowness of grief. We joined the ancient church in Solemn Reproach – hearing Jesus cry out, “O my people, O my church, what have I done to you? How have I offended you?” The same story of Salvation that we celebrated on MaundyThursday, became a reminder of our separation from God.




*Easter Sunday


Death does not have the final word! Sunday morning brought Good News of Resurrection and new life. We celebrate that we are an Easter people! In her book, The Three Day Feast, Gail Ramshaw expresses it like this, “Christians keep Easter in a big way because the death and resurrection of Christ keeps us.” Yes indeed! We celebrated this Good News with doughnuts and candy-filled eggs and each-other.



Thank you for this holy week. Experiences like this make me even more grateful for the time we have shared. Our family is grateful for all the ways you have shared the love of Christ with us. As my call with Celebration comes to a close, I look forward to sharing even more meaningful moments with you all. And I am sure, in the month to come, we will continue to join Mary Magdalene’s proclamation, “I have seen the Lord!”

Easter Blessings!

Pastor Jen



Just a Thought

In the inspired words of Avril Lavigne,  “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?” It’s true, life can get pretty complicated. We heap on commitments, clutter our lives and our closets with excess, and cloud relationships with layers of distraction. Then we come up gasping for breath in the midst of it all. Why’d we have to go and make things so complicated?

Lent invites us to fast from complication. To step back from our indulgence, to evaluate and declutter our lives. This Lent, we explore the Simple life to which Christ calls us. We will take a look at simplicity in Love, Faith, Giving, Stuff and Presence.

Each week we will practice simplicity with lenten challenges for the whole family. As we gather for worship we will practice simplicity as we fast from the typical spread of doughnuts and sweet treats – and survive on coffee and juice alone.

Now don’t get me wrong. This life is simple, not easy. We tend to make things complicated. Recovering from our own foolish ways can be quite a task. But it will be worthwhile.
Here’s to simplifying our lives together.


Pastor Jen