From the Pastor




It’s Annual Meeting time, hooray! No really, it’s a delight to do this holy work – the work of being church together. While some may dread this ‘business’ of the church, we honor it as holy work ordained by God. On November 1, we gathered for the first part of our Annual Meeting, the Congregational Forum. This was a time to review the past year and to discuss possibilities for the future. And now we look to the second phase, the Congregational Meeting slated for Sunday, November 12. This portion of the meeting is intentionally nestled in the heart of 9:30a worship to remind us that the work we do is sacred. We’ll take a look back through 2017 and look with hope into 2018. You should come, it won’t be that bad.

Around this time, we also hear our annual reminder of our guiding principles and firm foundation. These are the core commitments that draw us together as a community and keep us focused.

We are a community committed to:

  • Celebrating Christ through worship, music, ritual and the creative arts.
  • Caring for Others through fellowship, learning and pastoral care, primarily within the context of small groups.
  • Serving the World through community organizing and development, social outreach, and environmental stewardship.

We stand firmly on Our Foundation:

  • Simple: We do only those things that accomplish God’s purpose for our church.
  • Great: We will be the best at what God is calling us to be.
  • Emergent: We will celebrate God in the rhythms, rites and practices of the ancient church while seeking God in current movements and future stirrings.

We make choices based on these Guiding Principles:

  • Jesus is Lord.
  • God shows up in the most surprising and unexpected ways.
  • Jesus welcomes everyone.
  • Innovation is good for God’s Church.
  • It’s not about us!

We Believe the Best!

We are a Believe the Best Community. There is often a gap between what we expect and what we experience. When this happens, we can choose to fill the gap with BELIEVING THE BEST or ASSUMING THE WORST. Believing the Best is based on trust and goodwill. Assuming the Worst is based on distrust and suspicion. As a community, we commit to Believing the Best – of our God, of ourselves and of others. Guided by trust and goodwill – our community reveals the Kingdom of God here on earth.

There you have it. This is who we are as a community of faith. Let’s celebrate this holy work that God has called us to do.


Pastor Jen