From the Pastor



On the seventh day, God rested. After six long days of creative, life-giving, fruitful work, God rested. We humans are invited to follow this same rhythm. We are commanded to honor the sabbath and keep it holy. Sabbath is time set apart for sacred rest and renewal. We may find daily sabbath through moments of quiet reflection and prayer. We may find weekly sabbath in Sunday worship, family meals and lazy afternoons. We may find annual sabbath with a weekend or a weeklong vacation. These times of rest and renewal are life-giving; refueling us to head back into fruitful work.

After a decade of faithful ministry, Sister Shelli will head off for Sabbatical, an extended time of sabbath rest. We will send her off with God’s blessing in worship Sunday, June 11, and she’ll return to community life Monday, August 7.

Here’s a note from Sister Shelli about Sabbatical:

Hi friends!  I’m delighted to share with you that I have been granted a sabbatical leave beginning June 12 through August 7 this summer.  I have had the privilege to serve alongside Celebration for over 10 years.  I began my time here in January 2007 as a member of the initial Launch Team which met weekly at the Cork Cafe to discuss and dream what a new mission start in Cypress could look like and be.  I have to tell you that I am just as excited today about celebrating Christ, caring for others and serving the world as I was then.   Together we are doing great things!  During my sabbatical, I will be setting time apart for rest, renewal, discernment, spiritual direction and some adventurous learning experiences and educational endeavors.  Whereas I look forward to this gift of intentional rejuvenation, please know I will return with even more passion, vigor and a refreshed vision for mission!