From the Pastor


There’s a holy rhythm to the life of a Christian. Our community of faith engages a rhythm of feast and famine, preparation and celebration, contemplation and proclamation. These holy seasons set the metronome of our hearts to God’s rhythm – rather than the world’s.

As we enter the holy season of Lent, we take time to repent and return to God. Our ancestors in the faith journeyed through this season of lent with intentional spiritual practices – prayer, fasting and almsgiving. These practices define the life of a Christian, yet sometimes their importance fade in the midst of our day-to-day obligations. Lent carves out holy space to reengage these practices. Together, as a community of faith, we will engage in the three Lenten practices – prayer, fasting and sacrificial giving.


Prayer affords time for reflection and connection with God. In prayer, we contemplate the goodness of God, we give thanks and we seek God’s mercy. Part of our weekly liturgy includes intercessory prayers – the Prayers of the People – a time in which we pray for the world, creation and all people in need. Throughout the season of lent we will engage in sung Prayers of the People, a unique way to join our voices as one to plead for God’s mercy.


Fasting from excess makes space to enjoy God’s abundance and to be in solidarity with those who go without. Throughout Lent, we will fast from the tasty treats that weekly grace the hospitality table. We will also fast from the convenience of conventional coffee as we switch to Fair Trade varieties. Fair Trade coffee ensures that growers and workers on coffee plantations receive a fair, livable wage in exchange for the products we consume.


Generosity is a tangible marker of a faithful life. We live generously in response to the abundant gifts God has entrusted to us. This Lent we join together to support the work of Lutheran Campus Ministry. Our Noisy Offerings will help students at Texas A&M, Rice, University of Houston and Blinn experience the love of Christ and serve in their own communities.

I invite you into this season of Lent and into the mission we share. As we engage this holy rhythm, we trust that God is working through us.


Pastor Jen