From the Pastor

Well friends, it’s official! We are ‘going steady’ with Bethesda, moving forward into a new dimension of intentional ministry together. After careful consideration, a long-term lease agreement has been signed for Celebration to officially dwell Bethesda Chapel, now Celebration’s Ministry Center, for the next three years.

So what’s next? I’m so glad you asked. Next, we are on to renovating this space to make it our own. The renovation process includes:

  1. Discerning what needs to be remodeled, identifying reputable contractors and gathering bids for the work to be done.
  2. Proposing these renovations to our Bethesda friends. If the work is deemed to be permissible, Bethesda will grant permission to move forward. If the work is deemed to be mutually beneficial, a portion of the cost may be deducted from our monthly rental fee.
  3. Once we hear back from Bethesda, Celebration leaders will determine what work is financially feasible and get to work.

Take a look at the graphic to see the potential work to be completed. Take note – all of the renovations may or may not come to fruition. These, of course, are pending Bethesda approval.

So what can I do to help? Well, I’m so glad you asked. First you can pray. Pray for our partnership with Bethesda and for this next step in the life of Celebration. You may also prayerfully consider making a financial gift toward the renovation project. We have some monies already in hand; we will definitely need to gather more. Once bids come in, we will have a better picture of just how much money we need to raise. Stay tuned for more information on this front.

Thank you friends, for your willingness to imagine new ways of being the church. This intentional partnership yields not only a ministry center to call our own, but also an worth-while investment in the good work of Bethesda.

Abundant grace.
Pastor Jen


Like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house.
1 Peter 2:5


Bethesda reno graphic 6 2016