Just a Thought…

tardisDo you watch Doctor Who?  I was late to the show… by about 45 years!  It’s a British television series about an ancient cosmic time-traveler known as The Doctor, who travels by  a blue old-fashioned police phone box, who gets into all kinds of trouble, saving all kinds of people and planets with a variety of companions to assist him in his journeys.

It sounds silly, I know. But it’s fun to watch. I started with the new generation of the series (which re-launched in 2005).  It’s science and tech-heavy, but occasionally there are little hints of spirituality that burst through the storyline. That’s what happened the other day while I was watching an episode.  The Doctor says to his current traveling companion Clara, “Souls are made of stories, not atoms.”

Souls are made of stories. I find that theologically accurate.

Yes, Lutherans are science-friendly. We are not afraid of engaging the Sciences to help us better understand the universe and this world we live in.  We don’t believe Science and Faith are diametrically opposed. With that said, I believe that, at the core of our being, we are made up of stories.  These stories include the stories of a God who created the heavens and the earth… The stories of our ancestors who, whether enslaved or free, whether wandering or landed, encountered this God as Liberator, Judge and Lover of all… These stories include our own family stories, the stories of our own life experiences, and even the storied waters of Baptism as we enter THE Story of Jesus, and follow the way of Christ.

We cannot be who we are without the stories that make us who we are. Or, as the Doctor says, “Souls are made of stories, not atoms.”

Next Sunday, as we kick off Learning Curve, the children of our church will be focusing on the Parables of Jesus. These are stories that give us glimpses of who God is and what life in God’s Kingdom is like.

Come nourish your soul this Fall with the Story of Stories!

It’s just a thought.

+pax et bonum